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Celeste armillary sundial

Celeste brass sundial

The Celeste sundial is an armillary sphere, a type of sundial originally conceived by the astronomer Ptolemy in around 250 AD. The sphere comprises a series of rings, each representing one of the heavenly bodies.

The Celeste dial is 45cm (18”) in diameter and 65cm in height. It is made from high-quality brass and is intrinsically very strong, weighing 6.5 kilos (15lbs).

Engraved on the dial is a Shakespearian quotation:

Thou by the dial's shady stealth mayst know time's thievish progress to eternity.

The time-telling shadow is cast onto the hour band by the gnomon rod, which runs through the centre of the dial and points to the celestial pole. The time is marked from 6am to 6pm and the hours are engraved in Roman numerals, with the half-hours also marked.

The latitude region of the Celeste Sundial is determined by the delivery address.


Sundial finish

The finish available for the Celeste sundial is antique brass. The patination will naturally mature and darken with the years.

Celeste sundial in brass
Celeste package - antique style sundial and plinth, delivery included

Celeste ready-to-go package

The Celeste armillary sundial can be purchased with a 72cm high plinth in a ready-to-go sundial package with FREE UK mainland delivery. The package with its plinth in portland stone colour is illustrated in the photo alongside.

The Celeste package is only available in the UK.

The plinth is from our recommended supplier, Haddonstone Ltd. Please see our plinths page if you would prefer to select your own style of plinth from Haddonstone.

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Celeste package
(includes Elizabethan plinth and FREE delivery)
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