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A special garden gift...

Looking for an unusual garden gift idea? A sundial is a unique garden ornament which can commemorate a wedding, retirement or other important occasion and will tell the time and enchant for generations to come.

These luxuriously designed garden sundials are hand crafted in Oxfordshire, England using traditional methods and can measure time in one of four latitude regions for local accuracy.

But the fine quality comes at an affordable price, making these stunning garden ornaments an ideal wedding, retirement or anniversary gift — impressive presents that can also serve as heirlooms for future generations.

Celeste sundial - unusual garden gift

Celeste Sundial

Traditional sundial
in brass

Crescent sundial - unusual garden gift

Crescent sundial

Contemporary sundial in
mirror polished stainless steel


Time telling: for both sundials, the time-telling shadow is cast onto the hour band by the gnomon rod, which runs through the centre of the dial and points to the celestial pole. The time is marked from 6am to 6pm and the hours are engraved in Roman numerals, with the half-hours also marked.

Packaging and delivery: after purchase, your sundial will be pre-packed in boxes and should be dispatched within 10 working days of receipt of your order. Sundial packages will normally be dispatched within 15 working days. More delivery details.

Latitude: the latitude region of the dial will be determined by the delivery address.


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